Monday, April 16, 2012

Testing Review: Daily Math and Grammar

I use this product to review those grammar and math skills I've taught earlier in the year. This is my daily morning work portion of my Testing as a Genre Unit.  If you switch classes or students and don't have them for homeroom you could use it as a sponge activity, after student finish other work.

Later in the day, I go over all morning work.  I gather all of my students on the carpet near my chart as we use our ink pens to check out work.  I use that opportunitiy to reteach any that are missed.  Using a checklist system, I keep up with who misses which skills.  Once every few days, I pull a small group of students to provide more intense work with these skills. 

This product contains 2 weeks of daily review work, 10 days in all. It is set up to view on the smart board to reduce that paperwork, but of course copies can be made. Answer keys are included.  If you don't have anything like this in your Testing as a Genre Unit, you may want to add it. 

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