Saturday, August 2, 2014

TPT Back to School Sale 2014

TPT's Back to School Sale
is right around the corner! 
I know many of you have been waiting for this...
On Monday and Tuesday, August 4th and 5th,
 you can pick up any of my 101 products on Teachers Pay Teachers for a whopping 28% discount!  Start browsing this weekend and load up your cart or wish list, then on Monday, the sale will start and you'll save BIG!  Be sure to type in the code BTS14 to get the full 28% discount. 
Snag even my newest products at this incredible price.
The consonants are featured in black and the vowels are all featured in red
The beginning letter of each word is also featured in red,
to show the connection between the word (image) and the letter.
 There are three sizes to choose from to fit your space needs. 
Of course there are full pages with one letter per page. 
Here is an image of the half page size posters. 
 Here are posters of an even smaller size that will fit 4 to a sheet measuring 8 1/2 x 11. 
If you have a small amount of space to feature your word wall,
or if you choose to use these in centers, this size may be the choice for you.
Another of my newest products is my Number Posters 1 to 20, in chevron,
great for decorating your classroom.

Last spring, if you started using my Daily Math and Language products for morning work or homework, my newest one for August is now available and will be on sale for this one.

Enjoy, and go shopping! 


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