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  1. I tried to download your multiplication fluency assessments but it came up as computer jargon and I couldn't read it. I joined teachers pay teachers (I teach third grade, too). I'm very excited about this for next year. Thanks for any help you can give. Loretta Bonner (

    1. Hi Loretta,
      I am sorry I did not get back to you earlier. I missed this somehow. TPT has addressed this issue on their site before in the forems, under Technology.

      Sorry you are experiencing difficulty. Customers with the problem you describe have been able to resolve by one of two methods:

      1. It sounds like you are either opening with an old version of Adobe Reader or if you have a Mac, you may be opening it with a Mac program called "Preview" and not even know it.
      Preview has documented problems opening modern Adobe files. If you have a Mac, try opening Adobe Reader first (rather than just double clicking on the file), then open the file within
      Adobe Reader.
      You may also choose to set the default reader to Adobe Reader by following the instructions below.

      2. If you are still having opening and you know you are using Adobe, look to see if you have a newer version. You can check the version by clicking Help then About from within reader. If you have a version earlier than 5.0 or 6.0, you should update your reader. Please let us know if either of these actions solves the problem.

      According to TPT founder, 100% of fuzzy graphics is attributed to an old version of adobe or a non-adobe product, such as Preview.

      To change the default reader on a Mac to Adobe:

      Click on the icon of a PDF file type then choose File --> Get Info
      You will see a dialog box labeled something like this "Gobble Gobble.pdf Info
      Near the bottom, you will see a section titled "Open With:"
      That indicates what application on you Mac is the default if you open the file from the desktop.
      Click on the pop-up to bring up the list of possible applications and select Adobe Reader (whatever version is installed), then click "Change All" to make it the default application for all .pdf files (if that is what you want to do).
      The OS will then ask you if you are sure, click "Continue."
      Now the Mac will use Reader instead of Preview.
      Make sure the version is new enough by following set 2 above.

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