Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Product- Barnyard Friends Graphing: Lessons, Activities and Game

I just finished a brand new product, Barnyard Friends Graphing. 

I designed this product to teach students
how to read graphs and
how to make graphs in order to represent data. 

The focus is on bar graphs and pictographs. 

I’ve included instructional slides with guided practice,
center graphing activities, task cards and independent graphing activities. 

Best of all, there is an exciting graphing game for students to practice this skill to perfection. This can be played as a center game 
or with the whole class. 

I actually made the game first, before the completed unit, and tried it out on my students.  They loved the game so much that I added it to my CRCT review games of the week.  You can find Barnyard Friends Graphing at my store on TPT or at my shop on TN 

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  1. This unit looks great. I just found your blog.
    I teach 3rd grade too. Stop on by.

    Yearn to Learn Blog


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