Thursday, April 26, 2012

End of Year Photo Presentation

I can't believe it, but we only have
ONE MONTH left of school!

This year has flown by. I have so many sweet memories with my students and if you are like me, you probably took a few pictures along the way. Even if you didn't, there is still time if you want to do this same activity for a year-end presentation.

I did this for the first time a couple of years ago, and showed it at the party to my parents on the last day of school. We all LOVED it!

Warning: You may strike emotions and have a few tears!

The best thing about this for you...IT'S SIMPLE!!!
  • I took several pictures of my students in various places around the school and at different events.
  • I uploaded them to my computer.
  • I put them into a power point presentation and added a bit of clip art and a few cute quotes or comments.
  • To my Ipod, I downloaded the song from Toy Story, "You've Got a Friend In Me".
  • I set my powerpoint to advance to the next slide automatically every 15 seconds and rotate back to the beginning when done.
  • I did the same for my Ipod.
  • And, "Wah-La!"

You'll have a great visual conversation piece for your
end-of-year party, and your parents will be
confident that their child had
the absolute best teacher at your school!
Here are a few shots for you to get the idea.

I blocked the faces since I was putting this on the internet,
but in the classroom presentation, of course that would have defeated the purpose.
Here is an extra idea!

1. Copy, paste, and re-size your pictures into one color page.
2. Go to an office supply store and make color copies if your school doesn't offer that.
3. Laminate and give to parents afterwards.

Many parents don't get to come and take their own pictures
throughout the school year and this will be a treasure.
They will be so grateful to have this school memory!

Of course send them home with
those students whose parents don't attend.

I know you will enjoy making this as much as I do!

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  1. What a great end of the year suggestion! Definitely a 5-Star Blog! Thanks for linking up!

    The Organized Classroom Blog

  2. I do the same thing for the end of the year. Your slides look much better than mine! Great pictures!!!
    Third Grade Love

  3. Where did you get your cute children graphics?

    1. They came from the Alice Smith collection at

  4. I never thought to put the music with the power point. I will be in tears. Thanks for the idea! :)


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