Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanksgiving is Approaching

We are planning on a large extended family gathering this year, and my mother-in-law, the one in charge, has asked all of her daughter-in-laws to bring or be responsible for various duties, besides food.  Since I am the teacher in the group, she asked me to bring something to teach her youngest grandchildren about the First Thanksgiving.  She heard an interview on TV with adults who, when asked about the original 13 colonies, responded that California was one of them.

Of course I tried to assure her that person was probably someone just seeking attention, but she wants to make sure her grandchildren know their history.   

Here is the story I plan to bring.   

It's also the story my students will be reading next week.

(These are just a few pages in the 22-page book) 
I created this book to serve as a class set that can be printed off, copied and after we read it, sent home for my students to read to their families as they gather for their Thanksgiving feast! 

I've also included center activities like these real world math problems, pictured below on Pilgrims.
 Here are Fact and Opinion Native Americans.
Here's a matching activity to identify Cause and Effect. 
Kids must match the cause (Pilgrim hat) to the effect (Turkey)

Enjoy the days before Thanksgiving with this literacy and math combo. The focus of this product is on the first Thanksgiving. This packet includes an original 22-page small book titled, The First Thanksgiving. There are full color visuals on each page with vocabulary worded at an average third-grader's independent reading level. The story begins with the Pilgrim's first home in Holland, then the voyage of the Mayflower, including factual information about the Speedwell, the Wampanoag Indians, Samoset, Squanto, Chief Massasoit, The Mayflower Compact and much more.
It also includes:
Cause and Effect Pilgrim Hat and Turkey matching game / activity
Fact and Opinion Indian Cards
Pilgrim Math Multiplication Word Problems center activity (2digit x 1digit)
Reading Comprehension Activity (20 question assessment)
Answer keys for games/activities
Your kids will love it!
In addition, we are going to have them write about what they are thankful for. 
I made this special writing paper up just for the occasion. 
If you would like a copy for yourself, just click here
  Happy Thanksgiving!
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