Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Presidents Day will Be Monday, February 17th

Presidents Day will be here before we know it. I always love playing a little trivia with my kiddos! 

I will read to them from a book of funny historical trivia, including facts about several past Presidents. The title of this book is The President Who Pardoned a Turkey. Click on the title or the image to get your copy from Amazon.

  Since Lincoln and Washington have birthdays in February, we discuss what life would be like today without their contributions.  It really gets my kiddos to thinking. 

If you want to add to your fun,
you may want to download a copy of
This fun holiday packet includes...
  • a non-fiction article on Presidents Lincoln and Washington, and a double bubble graphic organizer to compare and contrast the two presidents. 
  • The game cards have fun trivia facts on several popular presidents to be used in the board game "President's Day Presidential Race".
  • A Presidents Day Word Scramble
  • Posters of the coins in our monetary system featuring the silhouettes of several past presidents 
  • Directions to make two fun crafts:  Abe Lincoln's Hat and Abe Lincoln's Log Cabin

Of course my kiddos say the game is the best part!

Here is a more detailed preview.

Since we study FDR and learn that Kennedy's death is what put LBJ in office,
they are interested to see the faces of FDR and Kennedy on coins as well.

Click on the image below to grab your FREE copy of Presidents Day Coin Charts.


Enjoy, and have a great President's Day!

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  1. Thanks Susan! Wonderful book recommendation. I have not heard of that one! Smiles and stop by anytime!

    1. Sure! This is one of those books, I've just had a long time in my classroom library. Not until I reorganized it a couple of years back, did I know I even had it. LOL Thanks for stopping by!


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