Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Organized Classroom Magazine...Have you seen it yet?

My friend, Charity Preston at The Organized Classroom Blog, has a new endevor...She has just published her first copy of The Organized Classroom Magazine!

If you have not seen it yet, do yourself a favor and go check it out. Click here for the link, or click on one of the photos to go to Charity's blog where you can learn more. This is an online magazine which includes content on many interesting topics that all teachers are concerned with on a daily basis.

The first issue features the question most of us all face... "How do we organize all of these PAPERS everywhere?"  There are  regular features to read and even some participation is possible, along with a special feature of the month.

One of the regular features I like most it the Book Nook section.  I was excited when I turned to it and found that Charity had done my research/planning for me.  Each month I try to make a list of books I want to be sure to bring out for my class, some I plan as read-alouds, others I put out for student reading, but I like to keep in mind the holidays or specific events of the month.  Well the Book Nook section already has that for me.  I love seeing the actual covers of the books.  It makes for a quick glance. 

Another unique section is the Pinterest section titled, Pinspiration for Educators.  With Pinterest growing by leaps and bounds this is bound to be a popular spot in her magazine as well.  There is a featured educator of the month, a monthly organizational challenge listed in a calendar format, a recipe of the month, a list of Internet Resources and so much more.   It even has the look and sound of real pages turning as you click through to the next location of interest. 

Go check out the first issue of The Organized Classroom Magazine absolutely free this month. You're bound to find plenty to interest you.  Great job Charity and good luck! 

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