Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paper Organization Ideas

Calming Classroom Paper Chaos

This is a video from Charity Preston, from The Organized Classroom Blog. She shows some great organizing tips to manage all those student papers coming to you daily. I use several of these methods in my classroom.

1. One key is to train your students to consistently include their student number on the papers they turn in. This number will make ordering your papers so much easier.

2.   I love Charity’s idea for putting papers to be graded in a plastic box for transport to and from home. I have always used one of my many teacher bags, but the problem with this is that I put other items in there as well. Sometimes I've had memos and such get lost among the papers to be graded. This box is a good separator. Great idea!

3.   Charity shows another great use for this box to double as a Inbox and an Outbox. Another system for this, is to use a tiered Inbox. I actually found this discarded in my own house, but you can pick one up at an office supply store. Mine is clear and has three compartments in ascending order. I stand it up so that the papers are put in from the top. This additional division keeps different assignments separated. Let’s say a student was absent yesterday and has his/her make-up work ready to turn in today. I want him/her to put it with the same papers, rather than all  mixed up in one continuous stack.  The correct papers can be easily located with this tiered tray, and it reduces my sorting task later. When the last tier is full, I clip them together and put them in my box to be graded.

Thanks for sharing Charity!

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