Sunday, June 7, 2015

Back to Posting and more

I haven't had much time to post this year, due to changing grade levels.  Although I have taught third grade for over 15 years, I feel I need a variety of grade level experiences for possible future career options.  So, when a first grade position became open at my school, I took it.  For all of you that have ever changed grade levels, no matter how long you've been teaching, you know how much time it takes to learn the new curriculum and make other adjustments that are unique to that age group, not to mention the shear volume of teaching materials that need to be moved, or stored away.  Needless to say, I've been very busy!!!  

This summer I'm starting a additional blog called the 1st Grade Grapevine, but I will also continue to design products specifically for third grade and post here as well.  You may want to follow both as many things in education can be applied to many grade levels, such as decorating a classroom, implementing new technology, great book studies or classroom management posts.

My educational pinterest page will stay the same.  There are thousands of great ideas there by many talented educators!  Choose specific boards you are interested in, or just follow me, which will give you updates to all of the boards and notify you of any new boards I create. 

I've been working on many different products this year and here's the most recent. I designed it for my first-graders,  but it would be great for any ESOL students you may have, and possibly for struggling readers or SPED students who have gaps in their sight word knowledge.

The purpose of designing this product was to have something meaningful my first graders could do independently that would also keep them fully engaged.  Wow!  I had no idea how engaged they would be.  You can hear a pen drop in my classroom when they are working on these Color By Sight Words - First Grade, which is nearly never with first graders. LOL  They LOVE these!
Many of you are probably using your downtime this summer to leisurely look for ideas for next year.  Follow me and you'll be notified of my next post, which will feature back to school ideas.  Have a happy and relaxing summer! 

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