Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fraction Game, Task Cards and Manic Monday FREEBIE

The common core expectations for fractions have several differences from the way we were teaching fractions before. For example one word we now need to teach our students is the word "partitioning", which means breaking a whole into parts or fractions.

Understanding fractions on a number line is also a new concept. Showing models of what later will be called improper fractions is also new for us. I've included examples of all these at different levels of difficulty in two new products. Each product contains the same problems.

The first product is called Fraction Action Task Cards.

I use them in three different ways. The first, I show them on the smart board for instructional practice whole group. A second way I use them is to post them around the room for students to circulate and work with a partner or independently to answer. You can vary this by printing 3 or 4 sets and handing out a set per table group. They can work independently or again with pairs to complete. The third way in which I use these, occurs toward the end of the unit when I pull small groups for review. These task cards are large enough for all in the group to see.

The other product is in a game format.

 It is called Fraction Action Board Game and includes a colorful board game and 24 fraction game cards with answers on the back of each.  I use these toward the end of the unit for students to play in partner sets as I work with my small groups.  I use both products at the same time.  While I review with my struggling students, others review as they play with partners. 
Click on one of the pictures to go to these products at my TPT store.

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In addition to using these in my math class this past week, in Social Studies we used a song titled "The Government Branches" to teach the responsibilities of each Branch of our government. Here you can see my kiddos standing around our smart board singing the words to this song. 

If you teach these responsibilities, then grab a copy of this song for your class.
Just click on the picture below.

There is so much material to teach regarding government at third grade that I divided it up into two separate units.  The first is called Government Responsibilities:  Local, State and National.  The second unit is called Government Responsibilities 2:  Legislative, Executive, Judicial.  I've included lesson plans, activities, games, assessments... everything you need to teach these concepts.  Click on either of the images below and read the comments made by other teachers who have used them.  If you are new to teaching 3rd grade social studies or if you just want to spruce up what you have, these  units will do the trick.  My kiddos loved learning about government!  In fact, all year long, they'd ask if we could get the government games out during indoor recess.  Can you believe it??? recess?  And of course I said, "Yes!"

I hope you have a great week!

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  1. Songs are wonderful for helping us remember things. Thanks for sharing this one about the branches of government

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    1. I know, right? I tend to forget about using them, so when I do see them in my unit folder from last year, I get excited to share. Sandi, thanks for visiting and for sharing! (Love your blog name!)

  2. I love your fraction items! They will be perfect for my math class right now! I'm glad that I just found your blog.


    1. Hi Christine, I am so glad the timing was right. I just put them up a couple of days ago. :-) My kiddos are excited about them too!
      Thanks for visiting.
      - Susan

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