Sunday, February 3, 2013

Are You Ready for Some Football - and a SUPER Sunday Sale?

Come check out this AWESOME Superbowl
Sunday Super Sale on TPT!
These are just a few of the newest items I've posted to TPT:
Your students will love the chance to move around the room as they work their way through these task cards. Print, laminate, then cut out. Post all 20 task cards around the room or in a center. Hand each student a recording sheet (included) and instruct them to use the context surrounding the bolded word, to determine its meaning. They are to record their answers on the recording sheet. An answer key is provided. Several of these bolded words are key vocabulary needed to advance in some of the leveled literacy inventories.
Your students will love this approach to history! This 11 page readers' theater is specifically created to meet the Georgia Performance Standards for 3rd grade.

Lyndon B. Johnson is one of several historic figures featured in our Social Studies curriculum. However this readers' theater meets several general GPS objectives in grades K - 5, as well as supporting a unit of US Government study, making it a great choice in many Social Studies classrooms.
Need a fun and exicting way to get your kiddos to practice their high frequency words? Your students will beg to play Fry Wordgames! At the end of your guided reading time, or during center time, hand out these word games to students needing practice reading high frequency words. These 5 engaging gameboards are based on Fry's 2nd hundred through 5th hundred word lists. Additional sets will be added soon, since Fry's words go up to the 10th hundred. As a third grade teacher, I have used Fry's checklist as a baseline for RTI data indicating decoding or sight word trouble. Sounding out so many words can get discouraging to an early reader, so the more sight words they know the more fluent they will become and the less frustrated too. Most of my students performing below grade level need concentrated work on reading these words, so I designed an enjoyable way for them to get the much needed practice.

I have students play in groups or 2 or 3 or with me at my guided reading group table. One player rolls the dice. If it is an odd number the player moves one space. If it is an even number he or she will move two spaces. If you want the game to go faster, allow them to move the number shown on the dice. If the student can read the work (even if it is by sounding out at first), they stay on that new word. If they cannon read the word, they stay where they are an wait for their next turn. My students enjoy making up additional rules like if they land on another player, the first player goes back 5 spaces, but be sure that these rules are agreed upon by all players before the games begin. Black and white games are also included for ecomonical printing. Enjoy!

Happy Shopping and ...
                    may the best team win tonight!

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