Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lucy Calkins video: writing lesson

I stumbled across this great video today on You Tube and wanted to share it.  It is by Lucy Calkins. 

In the video she is acting as if she were the teacher presenting a writing lesson to a class of students.  It's only a little over 6 minutes, and well worth the time to view. 

The parts I loved included how she described a "Curmudgeon" (had to check the spelling on this one).  She models what this is and gives children the sense that they don't want to be one.  Then she speaks of how to correctly read their writing honor their writing... to read their writing "as if it were gold."

Her lesson really sets the stage for students to take their writing seriously and to give it their best.  I think this is a great mini-lesson to start the year off with in Writers's Workshop. 

Here it is...

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