Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beginning our "Testing As a Genre" unit

This week we began our “Testing As a Genre” unit.  The CRCT (Georgia’s standardized test) is just around the corner.  

On day 1, the goal was to review the different types of genres categorized under fiction and non-fiction, and discuss how to make a plan for reading them.  As teachers we do all we can to ensure our darlings retain everything we teach them.  However, after removing the rose-colored glasses, we must recognize they are only 8-year-olds (my 3rd graders) and they are going to forget A LOT! ( matter how many times you stand on your head!) 

To my surprise however, they did remember a good bit!  One student popped out, “Fairytales have magic.” Another one of my sweeties said, “Fables teach a lesson and often have animals in them.”  I was impressed with them!  But as the conversation went on, I could hear some students had indeed forgotten several key elements, so I decided we needed a refresher.  I went to my computer and referred to the charts and checklists used earlier in our narrative unit found in Fairytales,Folktales and Fables Element Detective, (showing on the smart board).  As soon as we began, there were lots of, “Oh, yeah, now I remember.”  Thank goodness!!! 

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