Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Sunday Sale

I know many of you will be watching the big game Sunday. 

So grab your computer and during commercials, browse and get some great ideas along with some great bargains at my shop on Teachers Notebook.

Click on this image to go directly to my store, or browse the TN sidebar, locate the product(s) you've had your eyes on, and click the picture to go to that product link directly.  Enjoy your Super Sale!!!

Click on the image below to go directly to my store.
While you're there take a look at my newest product,
QR Code Task Cards:  Area and Perimeter. 
I made these to use with our first BYOD, Bring your Own Device day at school, however the first day we were to launch this new idea, was snowed out.  It was scheduled for last week, and down here is Georgia, we were hit with snow and were out of school for three days!  Kids here were so excited -  a rare treat for the south!  So next week, we will begin our BYOD.  My daughter who attends school with me is looking forward to bringing her new iPod touch to school.   
Enjoy our Super Sale!

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