Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Minerals, Rocks and Soil Task Cards.... Finally Done!

I am so excited!!! 
I have just finished my newest product, and just in time for our big sale this
Thursday and Friday on TPT.
Before the big sale, I am listing this new product at a FLASH SALE price for the first couple of hours after I upload it to TPT later today.  As soon as I do, I will post it on my Facebook Fan page. 
Here is that link...
This is the top half of my board game titled, "Race to the Rock Pile".
Here is a set of colored task cards.  The colors vary throughout the set.  If you choose to print a set to use as TASK CARDS,
print them without the answers on the back. 
I will print one to four sets in color and use that set to post around the room,
or put them at table groups.
 However when your ready to prepare your games, choose the black and white more economical version and include the answers on the back when you print.
So go and LIKE my FB page, "Mrs. Hardin's Class" and hover over the "like" button until you see the phrase "get notifications", then click.  Now you'll receive a notification of each post and you'll know exactly when I publish and when the sale price starts.
While you are there at TPT, you may want to go ahead and make you wish list for the Big 3 Million Teachers Strong Sale on Thursday and Friday.  Although this product will go back to regular price, if you miss the Flash Sale, you'll be able to get it at 28% off.
Don't miss the greatest skill review pages with Daily Math and Language for March. 
You still have time to get all the copies ready.
Many of you are coming for your Manic Monday Freebie, and here it is. 
Grab your free Idiom Response Activity.
To provide visual for my students in my classroom, I created Idiom Pirate Treasure Hunt.  I project the images on the smart board for whole class instruction.  Students often work with partners to choose two favorites and illustrate using the freebie above.  I show 4 or 5 each day during my unit.  Each day student complete their response activity sheet, then I staple them together into their own Idiom Notebook. 
After I have introduced many of them, I print the slides as task cards and put them around the room.  I also print them to go with the game board included in this product.  If you are limited on your paper or copies, try printing in a slide version to make more cards fit on one sheet. 
If you are interested in the product Idiom Pirate Treasure Hunt, here is a preview, and if you click on it, you'll be taken to my store where there are additional thumbnail visuals.
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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