Sunday, August 11, 2013

First Day Activities


In an earlier post I promised I would share these first day of school activities on Friday.   Okay, I'm a day late, but I stayed at school until, you're not going to believe this,  9:30pm.  I just had to get it all in order!  My family all had things to do, so I took advantage of that and got a lot accomplished.  Here are the activities I promised.

Activity #1  First Day Jitters' Glyph:
After reading the book, The First Day Jitters by Julie Danneburg, we make a glyph describing ourselves and our feeling about the first day of school.  I made patterns of items (dress, t-shirt, pants, arms, legs, speech bubble etc.)  needed to make a girl or a boy.  I put out a set of patterns and various pieces of construction paper per table.  Students view glyph directions on the smart board and trace, cut and paste to create their own First Day Jitter person, complete with speech bubble and comment about first day feelings. 

Activity #2 All About Me Cootie Catcher
I found these at my local teacher supply store.  It was a last minute purchase, and well worth it.  No prep or set up needed and it kept the kiddos entertained for a good 30 minutes!  Click on the first picture to go to Amazon to buy one.  See the pictures below of my kiddos getting to know each other on our first day, using these great All About Me Cootie Catchers.






  1. Great activities for the first day! I also love your ideas for the back to school gift for your daughter's teacher. I'm a new follower and new blogger. I would love for you to come check mine out too!

    Rockin' in Resource Room

  2. My students love cootie catchers-they are always a hit!

  3. do you have the glyph directions available? And if so could you send them to me?


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