Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An Awesome School Fundraiser!

Looking for a great fundraiser for your school?  My husband just came in today and told me about this great opportunity offered by his company, World Pay.  Just so you know who that is, World Pay is the nation's 2nd largest Credit Card Processing company with familiar customers such as Google and Apple.  Anyway, here is the awesome fundraising opportunity...

World Pay will donate 10% of their profit of all business from members in your organization that use World Pay as their credit card processor.  This can easily amount to BIG money for your school or other organization.  Just announce this as your fundraiser at your next PTO or school council meeting, then send out flyers and contact parents in your organization that are small business owners who accept credit cards for payments in their company.  Provide them the attached contact information, and if they sign up with World Pay, your school will be the beneficiary of 10 % of the profits World Pay makes from them.  The more small business that sign up, the more money your school makes.  No more selling candy, magazines or wrapping paper!  Yea!!!

I've made up this flyer for your convenience or make one of your own. Here it is in color and in black and white. 

Here is the black and white version.  Click on either picture and get both.

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