Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Common Core Reading Lessons Blog

Almost all of our fifty states are implementing the new National Common Core State Standards.  We are all a bit "spinning" as we plan for this next year, looking for helpful materials as we implement these new standards. 

Well...there is this great new blog,  created by Charity Preston, called Common Core Reading Lessons whose purpose is to provide high quality resources to meet the demands of these new Common Core standards.

What is so great is that these resources are organized by grade level and matched to the exact standard the product or lesson is designed to meet.  I have submitted several products for listing on this site, including my Mulitiple Meaning Word Games.  If you click on the button below you will go directly to the site to browse these helpful resources.   

Click here to go to my Multiple Meaning Words Games...

Students choose from a group of multiple meaning words to fill in the blanks of sentence strips like those posted here...

                     Click here to go to the blog, Common Core Reading Lessons...
Common Core Reading Lessons

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